A Whale Of An Adventure

While there are dozens of excursions that you can embark on every day, whale Watching is one of the main attractions here in Uvita Costa Rica. Lucky for us, the Ballena National Marine Park is home to the longest season for humpback whale watching in the world. It is also the home to the nation’s annual Dolphin and Whale Festival which was held this past weekend

Whale Watching Uvita Costa Rica

2013 annual Whales and Dolphins Festival in Uvita Costa Rica

Whale season in Costa Rica extends from August until October, with a peak in September which is the ideal time to catch more than just a glimpse of whales and dolphins. The whales spend December to April in the North Pacific, and then when winter comes and the waters turn cold they migrate to tropical waters

Now you may think that whale watching sounds like a relaxing afternoon boat ride, but in actuality it is an adrenalin filled adventure. You are taken out in a small to medium sized boat, fighting through the waves, right up to where the whales and dolphins are swimming and jumping out of the water. These beautiful creatures are mere feet from your boat and in most cases, the whales are far larger than the vessel, with the adults weighing up to 36,000 kilograms (79,000 lb) and measuring in at 12–16 metres (39–52 ft) long .

You will find that many of the whales stay fairly close to the surface making it very easy for you to see them and snap some unbelievable photos. This is because the Ballena National Marine Park lies in what is known as the Costa Rica Thermal Convection Dome. The Thermal Convection Dome is characterized by shallow, oxygen-rich warm water layered over the top of colder water with less oxygen. This provides an ideal habitat for marine life.
So if you are looking for an exciting afternoon, whale and dolphin watching is a must while you are visiting Uvita. You won’t regret it.