Ashley Galvins Yoga and Flexibility Perfection at Vista Celestial

At our most recent yoga spotlight here at Vista Celestial, we were lucky enough to bring in the ultra talented Ashley Galvin. I had been following her for quite some time on Instagram, so I was thrilled that we would have the pleasure of hosting her here in our tropical paradise. Ashley is an International Yoga Instructor based out of Los Angeles California who is known globally for her strength and flexibility. To simply say that she is flexible is an extreme understatement. We were in constant awe by her strength, flexibility and grace which she displays in her yoga practice. She makes the most difficult yoga poses, inversions, and arm balances appear to be no more than a mere game of child’s play. Ashley’s passion for yoga shines through in her practice. She is a true inspiration for yoga newbies and veterans alike.

Regardless of your level of practice, there is a way that you can share your yoga practice with Ashley. Lucky for you, Ashley teaches workshops, retreats, and flow classes world wide, as well as online with for those of you that are unable to attend one of her amazing classes in person.