The Bamboo Forest of Uvita

Mother nature has bestowed more natural beauty to the lands of Costa Rica than to any other country that I have visited and that is a substantial list of places. With the picturesque landscapes all around, the tropical flowers of all kinds, thousands of species of birds, and the most colorful animals that you have ever seen, Costa Rica is a nature lovers paradise.

At any given moment, there are dozens of options to stay active and entertained here in Uvita Costa Rica. Located in the Bahia Ballena , The Southern Coast of Costa Rica, Uvita has the draw of both the beach and the mountains. Today we decided to get out and take a relaxing stroll through Uvitas bamboo forest. This forest is approximately 1 km long and is fully lined with sky high bamboo. This walk is a great option for a sunny afternoon as it is completely shaded by the towering bamboo. Walking through the forest you can soak in all of the fresh air and be on the lookout for monkeys. Be sure to bring your camera. You won’t want to miss out on the beautiful photo opportunity that the bamboo forest offers. If you choose to continue your walk another few kilmeters past the bamboo forest you will come across a beautiful waterfall with the perfect swimming hole where you can take a cool down swim or enjoy a relaxing picnic. To have the falls to yourself, try to visit on a weekday when there are few people hiking to the waterfall. Sunday is family day here in Costa Rica and you will find that the waterfall is packed with dozens of people relaxing and enjoying a family picnic.