4 Things to Experience In Costa Rica

Small towns often offer the most in terms of adventure and luxury. This is because most of these naturally beautiful places are still undiscovered by the masses, keeping them peaceful, uncontaminated zones for everyone with an adventure-lust. One such place to experience on your next vacation is Uvita, in Costa Rica.

Vista Celestial

Things to Do

When you land in Costa Rica, you will find that it’s heaven on Earth. Its roads are also in great shape and there are many choices of luxurious boutique hotels in Costa Rica to choose from. While there are countless activities to satisfy your adventurous spirit, here are 4 things to experience on your trip, which are a must:

Explore Costa Ballena

Costa Ballena is 3 hours away from San Jose and 45 minutes from Quepos/Manuel Antonio by drive and offers a number of secluded beaches to enjoy the waves and amazing views in complete privacy. To be exact, there are 13 tropical beaches to explore in the serene and majestic surroundings. In Spanish, ballena means whales, which frequent the coast as well and you can book an exciting whale and dolphin watching tour from your hotel if you are up to a one of a kind adventure.

Take a Dip in the Waterfalls

There is nothing more refreshing than a dip in a waterfall and you have over 15 accessible waterfalls to explore between Dominical and Uvita. Some of them offer diving while others are good for climbing, or swimming. If you’re looking for a swimming experience, the Finca Bavaria is a few kilometers south of Uvita whereas another one, Catarata Uvita, is at a walking distance from the town, offering space for quiet mediation and swimming.


If underwater marine life mesmerizes you, then there are many sites to explore as well. Glide along in the tranquil, clear and calm waters within the Cano Island National Park, located just south of Costa Ballena. It has over 100 species of turtles, dolphins, manta rays, and fish among other sea creatures and exceeds 80 feet in depth. Three particular dive sites for scuba divers are Los Arcos, El Barco and Tortuga Island.

Bird Watching

This is a relaxing and enjoyable experience that you will surely want to do, as every place offers diverse unique species of birds, specific to it. You will find 875 documented different kinds of birds in Costa Rica. Visit the Rancho La Merced National Wildlife Refuge, which sits over 505 hectares and features a mangrove estuary, river front and over 310 bird species of different habitats. Other bird watching reserves to explore are the Hacienda Bani Nature Reserve, Oro Verde Private Reserve, and The Los Cusingos Bird Sanctuary.

Finding a Hotel

Before you can go on all these exotic and fun adventures, first you need to book a room in one of the most comfortable boutique hotels in Costa Rica and making that decision can be difficult. However, your best bet is a hotel that is close to all these adventures and provides a unique, comfortable, and stylish vacation experience to its visitors.

Try Vista Celestial, which offers grand private villas intricately designed for guests, to offer luxury and comfort in one package. It is located atop the mountains, giving exotic and natural views. The hotel lies just 45 minutes south of Manuel Antonio and is easy to reach through either a private car pickup or rental car. It also offers convenience to reach all these adventurous sites in Costa Rica by providing transport bookings and booking all of your tours on your behalf ensuring that you go on the best tours that the area has to offer.

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