Aubry Marie: Yoga, Meditation and Artist Extraordinaire at Vista Celestial

Aubry Marie graced us with her presence at our most recent yoga spotlight here at Vista Celestial. She is a true ray of light in the yoga world with her bubbly personality that is so full of life and zest. If you have found yourself scrolling through the hundreds of seemingly impossible to execute yoga poses on Instagram and suddenly land on one that is just a little livelier and friskier than all the others, chances are you have stumbled upon Miss @AubryMarie. An artist at heart, Aubry conveys more than just strength and flexibility in her poses. She channels her inner child and brings raw talent to life in her fun and quirky posts. In person, Aubrys’ zeal for life is undeniable. She is also an avid champion of daily meditation and has said that “Meditation has been a paradigm shift in my practice and my life. Above any asana I wish to share the power of daily meditation with my community”. Fear not if you are a meditation virgin, and like myself, don’t know where to begin. Aubry has recently launched her series on meditation on CodyApp. To participate in her guided meditation practice all you need to do is check her out at “ From Fear To Love Meditations By Aubry Marie “ . We were so thrilled to host Aubry at Vista Celestial and get to know her. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and we look forward to her returning again in the future. Until then….. Namaste.