Caitlin Turner The “GypSet Goddess” at Vista Celestial

 At our most recent yoga spotlight here at Vista Celestial, we were lucky enough to host the multi talented Caitlin Turner, AKA Gypset Goddess. I had been following her for quite some time on Instagram, so I was thrilled that we would have the pleasure of hosting her here in our tropical paradise. Caitlin Turner, widely known as Gypset Goddess, is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher and lifestyle influencer. She started her Instagram in 2012 before turning it into a multi-platform business. Since 2012, she has moved her base from Scottsdale, Arizona to Los Angeles, CA. Besides sharing her adventures of everywhere from the Galapagos Islands to Cambodia, Caitlin has been a social media consultant and travel host for the television show “Yoga Bliss” on The Indonesia Channel. She her yoga poses around the world shared mainly through Instagram have been featured in many publications. In 2016, she added designer to her resume with the launch of her Alo x Gypset Goddess collection.

The goal of is to inspire people to follow their dreams and live lives that they love. The hope is to encourage, inspire, and enlighten the world with her photos, tutorials, and commentary. Follow along with for travel and packing tips, work outs on the go, the best ways to discover new foods, and a deep knowledge of yoga. And if we’re all really lucky maybe even a handstand on a mountain or mediating on an elephant.