Making the Most of Your Trip to Uvita







So, you have finally chosen Uvita as your next vacation spot! You couldn’t have picked a better location, with the town offering everything that you could possibly ask for! If you have been craving a quiet and relaxing getaway, then a stay at a luxurious Uvita hotel will give you the opportunity you need to make your holidays memorable this year!

Why Uvita Is the Right Getaway Choice!

From hosting annual music events to being the closest town to the famous Marino Ballena National Park, Uvita offers it all. Here, you can enjoy a taste of the local style and culture, and enjoy visits to some of the sites which mark it as a favorite, yet still off the beaten path, destination in Costa Rica.

Did you know that the area is home to the famous Cola de Ballena, the Whale’s Tail? The quaint town has grown into a strong commercial hub over the years, and many have fallen in love with the place and made Uvita their home.

While being located over a small area, it still holds the distinction of being the tourist hub of the Costa Rica region. Tourists, locals, and visitors to the area enjoy snorkeling excursions, ATV tours, whale watching expeditions and surfing lessons as some of the most unique attractions in town.

Whatever fun you have in mind, this place offers you a great chance to make the most of your stay in the area.

Boutique Hotels Offer a Glamorous Experience!

While the attractions of the village are many and unique, the hotels steal the show every time! Ever since the area has emerged as a choice destination for tourists, steps have been taken to offer every luxury and service your heart could possibly hope for!

Many Uvita hotels are easily found, but the luxurious boutique hotels that are exclusive are often the hidden gems nestled into the mountainside overlooking the ocean, or lost somewhere in the lush rain forest. These boutique hotels offer guests top notch service and an experience unlike any other they have ever seen before. From spectacular resorts to star rated hotels, you will have the chance to enjoy a relaxing experience, which will send you back to your routine life  feeling rejuvenated! Vista Celestial is one such boutique hotel, which offers tourists the chance to enjoy relaxing in luxury surrounded by a beautiful ambiance with the ideal tropical atmosphere.

The hotel offers private villas for the ultimate secluded relaxing experience, while still being  quite close to all major village attractions that you wouldn’t want to miss out on! Pay a visit to the 13 tropical beaches of the area, and explore different dining and entertainment options on offer.

An important tip for all tourists out there is to carefully select from the best Uvita hotels to stay at, so that you can actually experience a genuine “Tico” experience. To enjoy the adventure and excitement of the town and have a relaxing stay, the right hotel can make all the difference.

Make sure you choose wisely and plan out all your excursions and tours from within a tranquil resort in Uvita. Be sure to plan in time for relaxations as well. Your body and mind will thank you .