Canopy Zip Lining & Rappeling

Canopy (zip-lining) may be as close to personal body flight as you can get without jumping from an airplane. You’ll fly above valleys and streams, and once you get used to the sensation, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of trees, monkeys, sloths, scarlet macaws and other birds, and other creatures in their natural habitats. The action is at once beautiful and breathtaking.

The Costa Ballena area offers two canopy tours, and there are others to the north and south of the area. The tour on the Osa Peninsula provides 9 cables between eleven platforms, with two repelling stations, one suspension bridge, and a “tarzan” free swing for the truly suicidal.

The tour at the Hacienda Barú near San Isidro in the cloud rainforest (5,250 feet above sea level,) consists of 8 cables and 8 platforms. These cable rides take you across valleys and streams, from ridge top to ridge top, with the magnificent display of nature beneath you.