Horseback Riding

Horseback exploring provides the ultimate in flexibility. Not only can you traverse all the trails available to ATVs, but you can also pass through the narrowest trails where even ATVs can’t go.

Horseback travel is less intrusive and noisy than motorized vehicles – wild animals are not so quick to move away from your approach, and the slow pace of travel gives you time to see and appreciate the flora and fauna that surround you. At the Rancho La Merced National Wildlife Refuge, the horses are friendly, bred and trained for working with people, and the saddle types are chosen for comfort. The refuge has an area of 1250 acres where you can explore long beaches, primary and secondary rainforests, fruit plantations, waterfalls, working farms, cattle ranches, rivers and incredible rural landscapes. For the cowboys at heart, the cattle ranch offers the opportunity to drive cattle, rope calves, and help with other ranch activities while surrounded by tropical rainforests and mangrove estuary.
At nearby Oro Verde Biological Reserve, you will observe sloths, monkeys, and many species of birds. Ride by a traditional sugar mill, stop to refresh in the swimming holes, explore the forests or ride along the Morete river.

The Nauyaca Waterfalls are accessible by horseback. These are two beautiful waterfalls – the highest is a 147ft free-fall waterfall, and the second is a stepped 65ft waterfall with a 20ft deep swimming hole at the bottom with 3.000 square feet of surface area.