Glide smoothly and silently over the water as you paddle your kayak at your own pace, directed to exactly where you want to go. The Costa Ballena provides several variations of kayak exploration, from kayak wave surfing, to sea cave exploration, to white water river kayaking on the Rio Terraba, to mangrove estuary eco-tours. Paddle safely and comfortably by yourself, or in a family or other small group, stopping as you wish to observe the natural wonders surrounding you.

Guided tours are also offered with bilingual naturalist guides that will assist you in identifying the multitudes of plants and animals you’ll see in the river and mangrove areas (be sure to bring your camera!) Mangrove estuary tours are offered around the Terraba Mangrove Swamp, the Sierpe Mangrove Swamp, the Hatillo Mangrove Swamp, and the Boca Coronado Mangrove Swamp. Under the shade of several tall species of mangroves, you’ll see boa constrictors and several types of non-poisonous snakes, sloths, American crocodiles, numerous species of monkeys, raccoons, blue herons, white ibis, great egrets, and a great variety of other birds, white-nosed coatis, raccoons, crabs, and innumerable other creatures.

Around Playa Ventanas are the famous sea caves that are accessible only by small boat and kayak. It’s a total rush to kayak surf the waves through the caves! Many other caves are explorable only by kayak.