The Costa Ballena provides consistent surfing opportunities starting at Dominical to the north, to the Osa Peninsula in the south. There are numerous surf camps for all ages and all levels of surfing expertise. This is your chance to fly across the water, propelled by the primal forces of earth and moon, an exhilarating adrenaline rush as you tune your board and body to the waves!

Surfing around the Costa Ballena will challenge your stereotypes about the “surfer way of life.” Contrary to North American movie depictions, in Costa Rica, the surfers’ life is about living in harmony with nature and the cycle of the sun, eating well and living crisply. The hedonistic party and drug scene is not their focus.

For beginners and intermediates, the recommended surf beach is Playa Colonia located within the Marino Ballena National Park. Beautiful Playa Colonia features soft-breaking perfectly shaped waves from three to five feet high. The bottom is smooth and sandy with minimal safety risks, and rides of up-to 150 meters are common. Another great beach for the first-time beginner is Playa Uvita, just north of Playa Colonia. Playa Uvita has consistent spilling waves that are evenly shaped and long-running. These are ideal conditions to learn to stand and balance on the board.

In the vicinity of the Costa Ballena, the most popular beaches for surfing are Playa Dominical, Playa Dominicalito, Playa Dominicalito Point, Punta Achiote, Playa Hermosa (Uvita), Playa Ventanas, and beaches on the Osa Peninsula (see synopsis below.)

  • Playa Dominical – most popular with advanced surfers and often crowded. There are always rideable waves. Mid-tides are great for advanced surfers; high-tides are popular for taller waves.
  • Playa Dominicalito – a good beginner’s beach at high-tide with moderate waves, but watch out for the rocks.
  • Playa Dominicalito Point – long rides with wall waves; go at low to mid-tides.
  • Punta Achiote (by Playa Hermosa) – uncrowded, technical surfing.
  • Playa Hermosa (Uvita) – never crowded, good for beginners and intermediates, best at higher tides.
  • Playa Ventanas – good for beginners at all times when waves are small.
  • Osa Peninsula contains several good surfing areas including Cabo Matapalo, Pan Dulce and Playa Zancudo. These are all secluded areas for advanced surfers.