With over 15 known accessible waterfalls located between Dominical and Uvita, the Costa Ballena is a paradise for waterfall exploration. Some waterfalls offer climbing and diving, others offer crystalline pools for swimming. All are embedded in tropical rainforests with exuberant vegetation, birds and wildlife. Three of the most notable and accessible waterfalls are listed here.

The private, family-owned Nauyaca waterfalls are located in a narrow canyon with two falls – the highest is 45 meters, with spectacular free falling water. The second falls is 20 meters tall with intermediate tiers, forming a six meter deep, 1,000 square meter pool at the bottom for diving and swimming. There are also smaller natural pools downstream for quieter swimming. Horseback tours are available to visit these falls, and the tours include meals.

Close by the town of Uvita is the Catarata Uvita (Uvita Waterfall.) Just a short walk from the town center to the river you’ll find the waterfall and a picturesque natural pool that’s ideal for swimming. Other smaller pools provide space for quiet meditation. There’s a road to the park entrance, parking, bathrooms and a restaurant.

In the nearby town of Ojochal, Pavón Waterfall provides an escape from the bustle of other tourists with an unusually contoured waterfall in an amazing photogenic setting.

The waterfall at Finca Bavaria is another easily accessible location for swimming and relaxing to the soothing sounds of tumbling water. Finca Bavaria is located just kilometers south of Uvita.

Yet another method of exploring the area’s waterfalls is zip-lining and canyoning. Check our Canopy page to discover the tours whose zip-lines pass over waterfalls, providing a unique view of their power and beauty. Some of these tours provide the experience of waterfall descents using rappelling and boulder jumping.