Yoga In The Jungle At Vista Celestial

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One of my favorite recent additions to our property here at Vista Celestial is our brand new covered yoga platform in the jungle.

We finished the construction of this tropical new platform in January of 2015 and all of our yogis and nature lovers alike have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since. Whether you are practicing solo or with an intimate private group, this platform comfortably fits 20 yogis for a tropical yoga practice. The jungle setting of our yoga platform promotes a serene practice perfectly completed with a giant tree in which the platform was built around that serves as the perfect place to settle your drishti & set your intensions for your practice. Better yet, there are regular monkey sightings and even the occasional sloth sightings from the platform. If you are lucky, you might even get one of the little jungle babes to pose for a picture with you like this lucky yogi below. This little guy was napping on the drishti tree when the yogis arrived for their practice.  How cool is that?

Pura Vida & Namaste!